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Airsoft BB Is Completely Non-hazardous
- Sep 11, 2019 -

The bullets commonly used in toy guns are generally 0.6 cm in plastic and are round and strong. They are non-fatal bullets.

The current airsoft BB, which is made of rubber or iron, is a shape simulation, but the insider can still be distinguished at a glance.

These guns are also non-lethal bullets, but their power is much larger than that of ordinary children's toy guns, and the caliber is uniform.

The launching power is also much larger than that of a toy gun, and it is often powered by a compressed gas (such as GAS gas).

The general airsoft BB original power will not be fatal, even if it is launched within 1 meter, it will not let the bullets get into the muscles, but it will bleed into the dermis and it will take a few days of treatment.

However, once the airsoft BB has been modified, the airsoft BB that is launched has a strong power and is more vulnerable to injury. Therefore, in the WARGAME field, it is generally forbidden to use the modified gun. The unmodified airsoft BB only has to choose suitable

Airsoft BB is completely non-hazardous.

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