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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of Airsoft BB 1
- Sep 14, 2019 -

Many friends who first came into contact with BBKING will have some problems.


Q1: How about the quality of BBKING?

Q2: What advantages does BBKING have over other brands?

Q3: Does BBKING only do 6MMairsoft BB? What are the diameters and specifications?

Q4: What is the number of BBKING specifications? Are the prices the same?

Q5: Should I buy that kind of BBKING airsoft BB?


The airsoft BB of the BBKING brand packaging adopts a new imported environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic with an accuracy of 5.95±0.01mm. The single ball can withstand 40KG pressure without deformation, and the internal bubble rate is within 1%. It is the most professional airsoft BB manufacturer in China, and it is in line with high-profile brands such as Taiwan and Japan, and it is not inferior to them. It can also be said to have reached the international leading level.

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