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How To Make Good Use Of Your Airsoft BB2
- Sep 22, 2019 -

If you can't buy the same airsoft BB next time, HOPUP will of course be re-commissioned. The choice of the weight is also very important. Under the premise of sufficient thrust, the heavier airsoft BB is affected by air resistance, the smaller the wind deflection effect, the slower the initial velocity attenuation, the more stable the ballistic path and the farther the range. Most of the airsoft BB below 0.2g, due to the specific gravity of the material, the inside will deliberately make bubbles to limit the weight. This bubble is uneven. If it is not in the center of the BB, it will make the ballistic deviation, and BBKING is all solid. High precision, so if you are looking for precision, don't use miscellaneous cards as much as possible.

As long as the HOPUP intensity is adjusted properly, the kinetic energy of M75/0.6J can be used with BB of 0.25g or more, and 0.3g of M100/1J can guarantee horizontal trajectory of 35m or more. In theory, if the thrust is sufficient, the heavier the airsoft BB is, the better. You can also use the 0.3gBBKING brand to achieve 6MM +/- 0.01MM. This accuracy is good for the performance and target accuracy of the power range, but the bomb The greater the destructive power, the more WG venues abroad, the ban on the use of 0.2g or more 0.25g bombs, domestic players who value safety can also refer to. Off-topic: Nowadays, foreign countries have realized that a large number of airsoft BBs are broadcast in the wild. The airsoft BB of plastic material can never be decomposed naturally, which will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, BBKING has developed a natural decomposition and semi-natural decomposition airsoft BB, which has been gradually popularized for everyone.

Regular manufacturers' products are generally semi-naturally decomposable bombs without special annotation. It takes more than 10 years to decompose, and natural decomposing bombs take only half a year. Most of the domestic brand-name airsoft BB is made of waste plastic, with low cost and easy processing. Many people still don't realize this, or know that they don't pay much attention. Conclusion: Under the premise of economic conditions, try to buy BB with high quality and high elasticity (less than 0.3g), and carefully adjust to the appropriate HOPUP. The range, accuracy will be significantly improved, more effective than any transformation. Later, BBKING has 0.16g for the competitive airsoft BB. Safe and economical. Preferred.

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