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What Is BBGUN BB Bomb Use
- Sep 23, 2019 -

The soft air gun is a Chinese translation of the airsoft gun. It is also translated as a light air gun, an air soft gun, etc. It is a kind of air gun. Unlike air guns that fire metal pellets, soft air guns use compressed gas as a power to launch 6mm or 8mm plastic spherical bombs. Usually the muzzle kinetic energy is around 1 joule, mainly for entertainment or military training. In most countries, soft air guns are considered toy guns because of their lack of lethality, while air guns that fire metal bullets such as lead pellets are often used in shooting competitions and hunting, with high kinetic energy and precision, often classified as Control firearms.

The soft air gun's projectile power source is the following, such as manual compression spring, green gas (mixture of propane and a small amount of silicone oil), compression of CO2, etc.; or piston compressed air driven by a spring or motor gear set. 

The shape of the soft air gun is generally 1:1 exact copy of the real gun, but it can only launch spherical bullets (BB bombs) of 6mm and 8mm. The initial velocity of the muzzle is generally about 100m/s to ensure the safety during use. Air guns that fire metal pellets can cause damage to people or animals and cannot be used in survival games.

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