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On The Many Problems Of Airsoft BB Impact Accuracy 2
- Sep 18, 2019 -

Second, the accuracy can be adjusted. Accuracy can be adjusted by adjusting the degree of depression of the HOP adhesive bump, changing the weight of the airsoft BB, replacing the brand of the airsoft BB, and so on. If you feel that the ballistic float can turn the HOP off, if you think the bomb is falling, you can open the HOP a little. If you want to play the end straighter, compress the stall zone at the end of the ballistics to the minimum, you can try the airsoft BB with a heavier weight. If you are used to BB with 0.25, then you will be replaced by a BB of 0.28 or 0.30. You will definitely find a surprise.

Third, the accuracy is the embodiment of the comprehensive performance of each component. Some friends often come to ask me if this HOP glue is good? Is that good? I want to tell these friends that even if you buy the best imported HOP glue, if your T head and inner tube can't keep up, don't expect your accuracy to be good. 

Because the accuracy of AIRSOFTGUN is a barrel theory, the accuracy is often determined by the lowest piece of wood. You don't expect to be able to change your head with a 30-meter HOP glue.

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