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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of Airsoft BB 3
- Sep 16, 2019 -


The BBKING brand currently only has 6MM airsoft BB, the specifications are 0.12g, 0.16g, 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.30g, 0.32g, 0.36g, 0.38g, 0.40g (currently out of stock) no other Extend the product. Ask the dog to ask for accessories, etc. Please extricate your mouth, thank you very much! Because the customer service is busy retail, please try to self-shop, thank you very much for your cooperation!


BBKING brand airsoft BB packaging is 0.12g 5000 pieces, 0.16g 5000 pieces 0.20g 4000 pieces 0.23g 3000 pieces, 0.25g 3000 pieces, 0.28g 2500 pieces, 0.30g 2500 pieces, 0.32g 2500 pieces Packed, 0.36g 2500 pieces. At present, the manufacturer temporarily supports retail, and the retail price is mainly based on the Alibaba sales platform. You can check it out at bbkingball.1688.com.


At present, the mainstream is 0.20g and 0.25g, and the selection of 0.25g is more, and the sales volume is also the best. Which model to use to see personal preferences and debugging, we do not make any recommendations. In this regard, the brothers can consult the major forums, such as the Northern Alliance, the Military Network and other major WG enthusiast forums.

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