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On The Many Problems Of Airsoft BB Impact Accuracy 1
- Sep 17, 2019 -

First, the accuracy can be modified. The accuracy of some original dogs is not good, it is because the original T head, HOP glue, inner tube, these precision-related parts are not good enough, as long as the replacement of the supplements, plus appropriate adjustments, the accuracy will be great Changed. Take HOP glue for example. HOP glue produced by Hong Kong and Taiwan and Japan's more famous tonic factory will have different color HOP glue. Color is used to distinguish hard and softness. In fact, this hardness is the difference of friction coefficient.

For example, the larger the HOP glue bump is pressed, the more obvious the HOP effect is, but this also causes the greater the resistance to BB, making the initial velocity of BB smaller. If the HOP glue with larger friction coefficient is used, the bump does not need to be opened. Too big will also make the HOP have the same effect, so the impact on the initial velocity will be very small, which will inevitably increase the flight distance of the BB, so that the BB can play farther. In general, the softer the HOP adhesive has a higher coefficient of friction, so why not use soft HOP glue?

This is related to your initial speed and the weight of the bombs used. For example, if the initial velocity is above 140, you use the transparent HOP glue of the police star (the hardness of this HOP glue is 50 degrees, made of silica gel), and 0.25airsoft BB, then ensure that the HOP glue can contain BB (accurately speaking In the case where the bump of the HOP glue can catch BB), the ballistics will be relatively high, because the initial velocity is too high, and the friction coefficient is too large, and the BB is too light, causing the BB to drift. In this case, change to a heavier BB, or change a harder HOP glue with a smaller friction coefficient.

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