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How To Distinguish The Good Or Bad Of Airsoft BB 2
- Sep 15, 2019 -


BBKING brand's airsoft BB is far ahead in the industry with its advanced production and processing technology, excellent team and perfect quality management system, regardless of precision, hardness, friction coefficient, bubble ratio, smoothness, defective rate, etc. In terms of other aspects, they are far ahead of any other brand. 

At the same time, our company invested a lot of money in airsoft BB quality control, and independently developed a fully automatic airsoft BB ultra-precision selection machine, breaking the high-precision selection technology monopolized by foreign countries and Taiwan, and has completely achieved the accuracy of 5.94 - 5.95. The airsoft BB selection technology eliminates the outflow of the airsoft BB, which is the inevitable half-ball, screw ball, chipping ball, etc., which is a serious endangering game equipment and experience.

It avoids the uncontrollable factors caused by airsoft BB in your game, and also completely protects your equipment safety. Secondly, BBKING completely adopts imported environmentally friendly non-toxic new plastics. At present, most domestic manufacturers use waste plastics exported from abroad. Airsoft BB processing, the cost is very low, the processing flow is simple, but not only the airsoft BB is of poor quality, but also has great harm to the environment and human health. The advantages of BBKING are self-evident.

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