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On The Many Problems Of Airsoft BB Impact Accuracy 3
- Sep 19, 2019 -

Fourth, regular correct maintenance is the key to maintaining accuracy. Our studio usually attaches a maintenance instructions to the dog. Many friends don't take it seriously. When they come across, they will run over and ask "shadow. How can you change the accuracy of the dog you changed?" "In this case, I usually use the inner tube directly and pass it directly to him, let him try again." I often hear "Wow, how does the accuracy get better? Is it possible to make the pipe precision better?" I later learned that many people don't know how to clean the inner tube, or remember to clean the inner tube often.

Imagine how an internal tube and HOP glue that is full of oil and dust can maintain good precision. When the BB is flying inside the pipe, there is a little oil here. When it hits a dross, how can it maintain the consistency of the ballistics? ! Even if you put on the inner tube and HOP glue of the world's most cattle B, if you do not clean the inner tube for a month, then the accuracy is not as good as an original cottage dog that often cleans the inner tube!

Fifth, airsoft BB has a great impact on accuracy. Some friends on the Internet see how much the foreign or Hong Kong and Taiwan players spread on the 30 meters, will also come to ask me, "My dog has been changed, but also changed a good change, the inner tube also Always clean, why can't you achieve the accuracy of others?" I usually ask him "What kind of bomb do you use?" "Golden ball 0.25!" "........................" Please, boss, that kind Is the quality better than the competition level airsoft BB? Want to get a good quality first, buy a package of genuine MARUI, BBKING high-precision match level airsoft BB try"

Many friends think that as long as the dog has changed the supplement, it can be powerful and accurate. Do not use the ballistic track during use, do not need to do maintenance after use, grab the dog food, chicken food accuracy is very good ... how is this possible!

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