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How To Make Good Use Of Your Airsoft BB1
- Sep 21, 2019 -

A lot of the brothers who came to the end have come to a point to come to a battle, affecting personal results can be said to be 1/3 in dogs, 1/3 in people, and 1/3 in airsoft BB. Affecting the team's score of 1/3 in the dog, 1/3 in the match with 1/3 in the airsoft BB, domestic end, many people try to pick cheap BB to buy, the domestic really has a very cheap airsoft BB, in order to save the wild BB expenditure. I don’t know if the end of the game is upside down, and the BB that has been thrown out by 100 is not effective for one hit. The more veteran, the more single shots and short shots, there is a 2~300 rounds in one game, although occasionally there will be occasions that require fire suppression, but after all, it is a minority. Unless you like to use the big drum + high-speed grass mowing to vent, it is another matter. However, I think that the real army fans will not agree with this unskilled style of play.

In the forum, I slammed a veteran brother who had experience. The best score was 9 BBs and 6 people were killed. This is a real money. The choice of BB benchmark mainly depends on diameter tolerance, surface treatment, and weight. The diameter tolerance is the roundness of BB, and it is also the most important factor. How can we maintain a stable trajectory when we think that the spherical shape itself is constantly rotating? The airsoft BB benchmark has been mentioned above. The general tolerance is within 0.050mm, which is qualified. Within 0.010mm, it is the level of precision shooting.

Basically, the BB of the manufacturer can be qualified, and the BB of the miscellaneous brand often has a tolerance of 0.100mm or more, which not only affects the accuracy, but also causes the jamming of the electric dog, and the supply is bad. Therefore, don't try to compare the difference of ten yuan when buying, it is best to buy high quality BB. However, because the crude BB is extremely low cost and profitable, some of the more famous airsoft BBs have recently appeared fake, and it is necessary to confirm whether the purchase route is correct when purchasing. The surface treatment is reflected in the hardness and friction coefficient. This is not a high or low taste. It has good spleen characteristics, and it is not good. Hard and brittle BB is fragile, soft and tough and easy to deform; smooth treatment has low friction coefficient, HOPUP is not easy to be effective, and BB with frosted treatment (not careful) is even weaker when HOPUP is adjusted to be weak. Therefore, when a dog adjusts the HOPUP corresponding to an airsoft BB, it must not be mixed with other brands of airsoft BB. Even the same weight of BB, because of the surface treatment, the difference in diameter tolerance makes the HOPUP rotate differently. The result is that the ballistic changes are endless.

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