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On The Many Problems Of Airsoft BB Impact Accuracy 4
- Sep 20, 2019 -

Sixth, the relationship between precision and airtightness is also very important, the airtightness is not good, the best pipe, the best rubber BB is no good.

Airtight first starts from the inside of the gearbox, cylinder, ladder, head, cylinder head, pusher. This is the airtight protection inside the gearbox. It is recommended that the replacement products be replaced by a brand, so that the tolerance of the airtight parts is not good. . The specific method will not be said, check if the leak is not, then don't play the dog.

After the airtightness in the gearbox is completed, it is the T head. CYMA and JG original push nozzle, T head and rubber are not bad, you can not change, only the gear box can be airtight, push the mouth, T head leak is almost negligible. But other brands are different, even if BOYI's transparent T head and transparent pusher will leak, let alone talk about Hummer and GS dog.

After the airtightness in the gearbox is good, it is the T head. The T head also suggests to change the same brand. Before the technical research and VS are now gone, it can only be changed for the cool and military operations. The T head is airtight and determines the push. After the mouth is out of the rubber, it will not leak out of the gap of the rubber.

It is very simple to understand. If the airtightness in the gearbox is not good, then your dog's power will be big and small, and the bullet will fly close to the fly.

In short, the accuracy is by no means determined by a few hundred imported precision tubes, nor is it more than a hundred cattle B HOP glue can determine. Accuracy is the quality of each component, usually maintenance, coupled with the comprehensive performance of airsoft BB quality, which is indispensable.

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