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The Main Factors Affecting The Airsoft BB Walking And Hit Rate And The Mechanism Of The Inner Tube Of The Coil 1
- Sep 24, 2019 -

The launching mechanism of airsoft BB in BB electric dog is very simple. It is to use electric motor to drive the gear to push the piston back and forth to reciprocate, push the gas in the cylinder to the airsoft BB under the bullet, so that it accelerates along the barrel and finally flies. To the goal.

First of all, BBKING takes you from the barrel to see how it affects the accuracy of airsoft BB!

A particular point to note here is that no matter how "precise" the inner tube is, its inner diameter is larger than the diameter of the 6mmairsoft BB. For example, the inner diameter of the original barrel of MARUI is generally above 6.08-6.1mm, and the so-called "precision inner tube" (such as the TN inner tube of KM) is also about 6.04mm. In other words, for the BB gun, the inner tube and the airsoft BB should be non-contact (see below for how to do so).

You may find it strange that since the barrel and the bullet are non-contact, how can it give the gun a certain direction of flight? In fact, the airsoft BB uses the "floating effect" of the air flow in the gap between the bullet and the tube in the barrel to remain in the center of the barrel, while maintaining the center of the barrel and the other side receiving the thrust from the rear. The airsoft BB can accelerate in the direction of the axis of the barrel and eventually fly to the target of the barrel. Because of this, the finer the inner diameter of the barrel, the more compressed air is applied to the airsoft BB (rather than the 'leaked'), the higher the range and power of the entire gun. However, the barrel cannot be "precisely" unrestricted. If the inner tube of 6.00xmm is made, as long as the processing precision of airsoft BB is not high enough, the cartridge or airsoft BB will occur immediately. bumps, the initial velocity is greatly damaged and the ballistic distortion is caused after the exit.

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