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The Airsoft Ball Industry Is Increasingly Competitive, And High-end Equipment Is The Way Out For Precision Airguns.
- Sep 26, 2019 -

At present, with the maturity of air gun ball production technology, the application range of air gun ball is gradually expanding. In the future, it is decided that domestic air gun ball products can have an advantage in the international market competition. In addition to the price cost advantage, the technology must also increase research and development. Intensify the development of air gun ball products that are more advanced than the mainstream air gun ball manufacturers in foreign markets, and in the quality control of air gun ball products, it is necessary to carry out the same production and testing standards with foreign counterparts, and even the testing standards should be higher than the foreign counterparts. Only the Chinese airgun industry can truly enter the international market.

With the products made in China moving from the low end to the high end, domestic end products are gradually entering the international market from home appliances and automobiles. The high-end air gun products are also getting higher and higher with the demand of various products. Air gun ball products produced by traditional domestic equipment can no longer meet the air gun ball quality requirements for high-end products. The accuracy of air gun balls produced by domestic equipment is far from the precision requirements of high-end products, especially in the automotive industry. The requirements for plastic hollow balls are very high, and some even require zero defects. The air gun balls used in high-end products are not only high precision.

The environmental protection problem of the airsoft ball industry cannot be ignored. The entire manufacturing process of the airgun ball requires water in addition to the injection of the blank ball. For example, when the ball mill grinds the air ball, it must be cooled and cleaned with water. Selected, so it will produce a lot of waste water. This kind of waste water contains very fine plastic powder. If it is not treated, it will cause great pollution to the environment. At present, domestic air gun ball manufacturers basically produce waste water generated during air gun ball production. Is discharged directly without treatment

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