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How To Make The Roundness Of Airsoft BB More Precise?
- Sep 29, 2019 -

The roundness precision of airsoft BB is a very important link. Generally, there are several grades of roundness precision: 0.01MM for the first level, 0.02MM for the second level and 0.03MM for the third level. The roundness of airsoft BB should start from the mold design, such as mold steel selection 718, P20, S136, 420, etc., the mold structure design is very important, directly related to the roundness of airsoft BB. Press the injection molding, try to choose high-precision airsoft BB machines imported from Japan, Germany and Italy. During the production process, mold temperature, injection molding pressure holding time, molding time, and cooling time should be carefully debugged.

The performance analysis of the raw material of the ball and the airsoft BB material has a single component and multiple components. The one-component airsoft BB material is an essential synthetic resin in plastics. For example, plexiglass is made of a single-component polymethyl methacrylate plastic, and most plastics contain fillers, hardeners, colorants, and other additives in addition to synthetic resins. plastic. In actual production, with the addition of different additives, the mechanics, thermal, electrical and some special properties of airsoft BB will have very obvious differences. Therefore, the composition of the plastic has an important influence on the performance of the hollow plastic float ball. In the test and test of plastic floats, we can comprehensively analyze the composition and content of organic and inorganic substances in the airsoft BB by means of infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, gravimetry, electron probe and other testing methods. The various components of BB are analyzed to provide the necessary solutions for the modification and optimization of hollow plastic float performance.

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