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Airsoft ball also has these powerful advantages, no wonder so popular
- Sep 06, 2019 -

There are many shock absorbing devices in the industry. These devices have many materials, such as metal, such as plastic. No matter what the material is, as long as the process is good, it can play a very good elastic effect. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the airsoft ball shock absorber. This airsoft ball is very compact and the craft is very particular.

The rubber shock absorber is integrated, which overcomes the disadvantages of large rigidity, high working noise, small weight of rubber spring, poor shape and poor mechanical stability. It has a certain coefficient of friction, so it is better for shock absorption and noise reduction. In addition, its elastic deformation is large, so the bearing capacity is large, the operation is stable, and the resonance interval is short. Although the shape of the rubber damper is constant, since the elastic deformation of the rubber is large, it is easy to achieve nonlinear requirements, and the use effect of various parts is better.

When airsoft ball is produced, it needs to be well accepted after every process, so that the airsoft ball's damping effect is ideal.

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