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High temperature airsoft ball 5 features, you know a few
- Sep 04, 2019 -

There are many types of airsoft balls, and the characteristics are different because of the different types. The high temperature resistant airsoft ball is one of the airsoft balls and its overall performance is relatively stable. The high temperature airsoft ball has five characteristics and plays an important role in the use. The specific features and functions are as follows.

1. High temperature resistant airsoft ball is made of high quality rubber, which has good mechanical properties, stable physical properties and chemical properties.

2. High tear resistance;

4. Non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, no side effects, no migration;

5. The elasticity is good and the wear resistance should not fall off;


1. Application between vibrating screens, in order to prevent materials from getting stuck in the gap of the screen;

2. The vibrating screen and the middle of the screen reciprocate and beat the screen, so that the material adhering to the screen surface is separated from the screen to avoid the influence of the grid on the screening output and precision.

Have you got a certain understanding of the high temperature airsoft ball?

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