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Airsoft ball how to do product quality inspection
- Aug 30, 2019 -

In daily life, airsoft ball and airsoft ball products are used more and more. The use of airsoft ball and airsoft ball can be seen everywhere in life, but many people still worry about the quality of airsoft ball when using it. To test the quality of airsoft ball is a concern of many people. Please ask everyone to answer the quality test of airsoft ball and airsoft ball.

Airsoft ball is a kind of airsoft ball. The composition of the two is the same. They are all made of rubber. The quality testing method of airsoft ball is as follows:

1. Using the hot air aging experiment to test the elasticity of airsoft ball

2. Use the combustion method to determine the raw materials used in the product.

3. Use the side gravity to determine the raw material use of the product

The above are some methods of airsoft ball, airsoft ball to do product quality inspection. When selecting airsoft ball, we must pay attention to the quality requirements of the product. We can make preliminary identification through some accumulated experience.

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