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BB gun working process
- Aug 27, 2019 -

When the bolt is slid back, the ammunition inlet will open, allowing the BB (or paintball) to fall into the barrel.

There is a small spring at the bottom of the hammer to hold the bolt when the bolt is against the hammer. This connects the bolt and the hammer so that they can move as a whole.

After the bolt is pulled back, the shooter pushes it forward (together with the hammer). When shooting, the shooter only needs to pull the trigger. The trigger pushes the rear of the spring upwards, causing the front of the spring to sink. In this way, the hammer is disengaged from the bolt, and then the spring quickly pushes the hammer back. While the hammer moves backwards, the protruding circular pad on the valve tube is pushed to push the valve tube to move backward. At this time, the explosive force generated by the hammer is far greater than the forward thrust generated by the rear spring and the air pressure. The valve tube moves backwards in an instant, after which the spring will spring it back into place. During this time, both ends of the valve tube open and the compressed gas enters the barrel through the valve tube. This explosive power is strong enough to push the projectile forward at an extremely fast speed.

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