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Airsoft ball product performance characteristics
- Aug 31, 2019 -

The airsoft ball product performance features include:

The main component of airsoft ball is a highly elastic polymer organic material with reversible deformation, which has better wear resistance. Therefore, it is often used in vibrating screen equipment. People often add silica gel balls or airsoft balls between the two layers of screens to keep them from jumping up and down to avoid the consequences of the screen being blocked.

Characteristics of airsoft ball:

1. The rebound rate of ordinary airsoft ball is 50%-60%, and the rebound rate of high-elastic airsoft ball is 80%-90%.

2. Airsoft ball has better wear resistance, better durability and longer service life;

3. Airsoft ball is a high pollutant. Once it is heated, it will produce a lot of toxic and harmful substances, which is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, it is not suitable for industries with high environmental protection requirements.

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