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How to use and care PUairsoft ball
- Aug 24, 2019 -

Nowadays, there are all kinds of toys, and various materials are also appearing. Many materials are not allowed to be used to make toys for children. Today, let's talk about the materials allowed. For example, the airsoft ball made of PU material, in order to know how to use and care PU materials, we must first know what the production principle of PU materials is.

PU is the abbreviation of English polyurethane, chemical name "polyurethane". PU leather is a leather-like leather product obtained by impregnating and coating a resin such as polyurethane with a series of treatments such as surface finishing and embossing.

PU materials are now widely used in luggage, clothing, shoes, balls, gloves, vehicle seats, furniture and various types of products. Because of its wide range of applications, large quantities, and many varieties, it is a traditional natural leather. Unsatisfied.

The chemical formula of polyurethane:

Polyurethane is a polymer material which is repeatedly polymerized from the above individual components. Due to the particularity of the polyurethane resin molecules, in the environment of humidity, warmth and direct sunlight, the molecular bonds of the polyurethane resin will be destroyed, resulting in the molecular chain breakage of the entire polymer. On the surface, the product is powdered and then ruptured. Fall off. That is what we call "hydrolysis."

The "hydrolysis" of PU materials, on the one hand, appeared as a new generation of "degradable, environmentally friendly" products in the past, which is a major reason to replace PVC leather, but on the other hand, because its product life is far lower than PVC products. Customer complaints.

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