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Airsoft BB molding deburring process
- Aug 22, 2019 -

The airsoft BB molding process is to place the rubber mixture in the model, add the vulcanizing agent and other ingredients, use the die pressing process of the vulcanizing machine under the specified time, pressure and temperature conditions, and the molded airsoft BB is subjected to secondary processing. Process, such as burr processing, secondary vulcanization, cleaning, and full inspection. The product is called airsoft BB molded products, referred to as molded products. The main raw materials of airsoft BB are raw rubber, various compounding agents, and fibers as skeleton materials. The basic production process of airsoft BB includes six basic processes of rubber mixing, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding and vulcanization. The airsoft BB process is mainly to solve the contradiction between plasticity and elasticity. Through various processing methods, the elastic airsoft BB becomes plasticized plastic, which is made into semi-finished products by adding various compounding agents, and then vulcanized. The semi-finished product with plasticity becomes airsoft BB and rubber products with high elasticity and good physical and mechanical properties.

Airsoft BB deburring process

1. Place the molded airsoft BB into a dedicated rubber burr centrifuge.

2. Rubber edging centrifuges should have airsoft BB abrasives, plus appropriate water.

3. During the grinding process, the grinding time of airsoft BB should be controlled. Generally, the size, appearance and surface finish of the airsoft BB are checked once every 30 minutes. At the same time, the amount of water in the rubber burr centrifuge should not be too small or too much.

4. Conduct a full inspection of the airsoft BB with good burrs.

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