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How is the performance of solid airsoft ball?
- Sep 03, 2019 -

The solid airsoft ball is a kind of airsoft ball. What is its overall performance? We believe that the advantages of solid airsoft ball are more, such as high temperature resistance, anti-aging, ozone resistance, vacuum performance, erosion resistance, overall physical and mechanical properties, etc., so many characteristics are destined to be more professional.

At present, the solid airsoft ball is an indispensable material for modern aviation and other scientific technologies. In recent years, as the requirements of the automotive industry for reliability and safety continue to increase, the use of solid airsoft balls in automobiles has also grown rapidly.

Usually solid airsoft ball is suitable for use in corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant heat resistant oils and used under harsh conditions.

The solid airsoft ball has good chemical stability, and the solid airsoft ball has high chemical stability and is a good medium resistance to all elastomers.

In addition to these, the solid airsoft ball has many characteristics, such as inorganic acids such as fuming nitric acid which are resistant to strong oxidizing. Therefore, when buying a solid airsoft ball, be sure to carefully select, do not buy inferior products.

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