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What are the uses and characteristics of wear-resistant airsoft ball?
- Sep 01, 2019 -

The wear-resistant airsoft ball is one of the main components of the vibratory screening equipment. The main purpose of using the wear-resistant airsoft ball is to ensure the green performance of the food produced. The biggest feature of airsoft ball is wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Its elasticity is very good, non-toxic and tasteless, and it will not cause pollution. Therefore, it is widely used in industries with high environmental protection requirements, such as medicine, metallurgy, minerals, vibrating scree, Machinery, food, etc.

The wear resistant airsoft ball has the following features:

1. Airsoft ball can adapt to a temperature range of minus 60 ° C - between 300 degrees Celsius, in this range, its performance will not be affected.

2. Good flexibility and high strength

3. High-strength corrosion resistance, oil and water proof

4. Long service life, heat aging and weathering, can also resist ozone, oxygen, light, etc.

5. The hand feel is very good, meet the environmental protection requirements, and the sealing effect can reach the ideal state.

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