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What is the difference between ordinary airsoft ball and standard airsoft ball?
- Sep 07, 2019 -

Airsoft ball has the distinction between ordinary and standard. Many people will think that the overall performance of ordinary airsoft ball is worse than that of standard airsoft ball. In fact, the characteristics of these two airsoft balls are different, and the applicable industries are different. When purchasing airsoft ball, we should first determine our own use, and choose the appropriate airsoft ball according to the purpose. Now let's just say that ordinary airsoft ball has the specific difference of standard airsoft ball.

Ordinary airsoft ball has a smooth surface and is mainly used for re-peeling and grinding. It is made into standard peeling rubber ball. Some power plants order the photo-plastic ball for stainless steel pipe because there is no hard deposition of the pipe. At the same time, the effect on the use of copper tubes is not good.

Standard peeling airsoft ball is a kind of rubber ball commonly used in power plants. It is especially suitable for all kinds of condenser copper tubes, and can also be used for various rubber ball cleaning equipment and water quality. The peeling rubber ball can effectively remove the biofouling and high viscosity biofouling, and is suitable for the stainless steel tube and the titanium alloy tube heat exchanger.

Ordinary airsoft ball, standard peeling airsoft ball, they all have their own role, I hope everyone can look for a better brand when choosing products, the quality is relatively guaranteed.

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