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What are the material classifications of airsoft ball, how to buy it?
- Sep 09, 2019 -

The advantages of airsoft ball have been mentioned many times, good hand feeling, environmental protection, heat resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, waterproof and so on. Today we mainly analyze the different types of airsoft ball.

There are many classification methods for airsoft ball. If you divide the material, you can mainly divide it into three types: ordinary airsoft ball, silicone ball, and bullet ball.

1. Ordinary airsoft ball is made of natural rubber and is mainly used on vibrating screens. It is suitable for screening common materials.

2. The silica gel ball has the advantages of good elasticity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and easy to fall off. It is mainly suitable for the screening of materials in industries with high hygiene requirements such as food, medicine and chemical industry.

3. The bullet ball is made of composite material, and its solid elasticity is small, wear-resistant and reusable.

When purchasing airsoft ball, you must make specific choices according to your own needs, according to the working environment and load pressure to choose, you can choose the most suitable airsoft ball. If you don't know how to choose, you can also tell your needs to the manufacturer and let the manufacturer recommend the appropriate airsoft ball type.

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