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Do you know the history of airsoft ball?
- Sep 11, 2019 -

Airsoft ball is a kind of rubber product, which has good jumping power and can play a good damping effect on mechanical vibration equipment. What is the development history of airsoft ball? Let's take a look at it.

The airsoft ball has been produced for 150 years. The early conveyor belts were made of leather and the like, and later made of leather and fabric. The earliest literature on conveyor belts was published in Philadelphia in 1795, when the airsoft ball was described as "a thin, soft, wide-loop belt or canvas that rotates on two rollers in a frame or slot." ". In 1858, a patent for a fabric-reinforced rubber conveyor belt was obtained.

The airsoft ball conventional design approach is actually a safe (or conservative) design approach. For example, the selected conveyor belt safety factor and running resistance coefficient are too large, resulting in excessive motor power, wide bandwidth or high tensile strength requirements. This is not a problem for short delivery, but with the large size of the airsoft ball, these problems stand out. When the large-scale airsoft ball is designed by conventional methods, the investment cost of the conveyor belt is too high, the tensioning device cannot be used normally, and some equipment also has local vibration problems.

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